The True Function and Value of PLR

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PLR or Private Label Rights has been in existence for years. At times it has garnered a bad reputation and at others it has made a resurgence in the Internet Marketing “eye”.

PLR, in a nutshell, is a product for which you have the rights to edit, resell or modify in almost any way you wish. Some few PLR licenses come with stipulations about pricing, whether or not it can be sold on eBay, and whether or not it can be modified. Other PLR products will allow you to do anything you wish with it – including adding your own name as the author and reselling it as your own product.

Unfortunately, much PLR is misused by the very people it is meant to be a benefit for. Many people who find themselves in possession of PLR eBooks or PLR reports simply use the product AS IS and post to article submission sites and blogs without modifying it in any way. Article sites AND Google are looking for original content, so using PLR in this way really does no good at all.

The True value and function of PLR products is in the research that has already been done for you! Many of us can write an article or blog post in ten or fifteen minutes – once the research has been done. I’ve been known to spend two to three hours on researching a subject. With a good PLR eBook, that research time is cut by two thirds!

I, by no means, want to scare you off of PLR – it can be a HUGE asset to any Internet Marketer and most especially to those that are new to the field. PLR is cheap, it’s easy to modify and it can easily give you an advantage over your competitors in almost any niche that you choose. It CAN make you tons of money in your Internet Marketing business.

Are you interested in learning how to use PLR product correctly? Check out PLR Advantage where you can learn over 50 ways of using PLR. Or check out the excellent PLR products at Niche Helper.

PLR is a fantastic tool if used correctly. You can accomplish more, make more money and even develop your own unique product – all by using PLR the smart way!



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