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DJ’s are the life and soul of a party – and therefore the right equipment is always needed in order to meet the demand of the audience. Many DJ’s who have originally used the traditional DJ hardware set have begun to experiment with more complex, digitally assisted equipment in order to provide a different level of service.

Some of the advantages from using a digital DJ set include being able to compose more complex tracks with less effort. This is made possible by the use of smart technology and design. Most DJ’s will be able to control a digital set the way that they are used to with the traditional hardware, as many digital sets have been made to resemble the touch and feel of the standard equipment.

The Torq Xponenet is an example of one of M-Audio’s latest digital DJ releases, featuring a high end control system and built in hardware and software. Being highly portable, a DJ to pack up the Torq Xponent set and move it with ease to wherever it is needed. The Torq Xponent can play multiple tracks at once and allow a DJ to manage controls including loop, reorder, multiple distortion, filter and repeat all with the press of a button. Faders and knobs have been carefully designed so that with the slightest touch a DJ can alter the way that a track is played with consummate ease. Storing tracks becomes extremely simple with the Torq 1.5 software that is built into the set.

Digital DJ equipment is increasing in popularity due to a number of reasons. Technology can be extremely powerful in enhancing the way that a DJ can control the beat and tempo of a particular track. This allows for more time to respond to requests for different songs or focus on more complicated techniques. Digital DJ sets are also very portable, since this allows for faster transportation of equipment from one venue to the other. The digital DJ equipment is a preferred choice for most, and top-end systems such as the Torq Xponent combine both quality and portability into one.

This does not mean, however, that the tradition DJ sets should be ignored. In fact, if the DJ is skilled and knows how to entertain the crowd, it doesn’t matter what system they use. It all comes down to matter of personal preference, since each DJ has a particular style in which they operate. Having a digital DJ doesn’t necessarily mean a better performance, since a deep understanding of the equipment is required in order for it to be used effectively.

The world of the digital DJ equipment has become an important association for any DJ artist. Some will prefer the traditional equipment, while others may find that a built in software assisted solution may provide them with more flexibility when it comes to performance. In the hands of a more experienced DJ, digital sets can be fully optimized to create an amazing diversity of sound. The possibilities of the digital DJ are endless.

This article was written by Robert Deans, Sales & Marketing Manager for M-Audio Direct. M-Audio Direct is an online UK reseller for M-Audio & DigiDesign. For more information on Digital DJ equipment including the Torq Xponent visit



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