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Some factors that need considering in selecting a windows dedicated server

January 3rd, 2013

A home based business start hosting its website in a very shared server. When the popularity of that shop increases naturally increased traffic would flow into its websites which is mostly not held by these shared servers. It’s the same always advantageous that your growing business website move itself a separate server. It could really bring the electricity in to the hands of the business as it would have an IP address of their own.


When looking at an avid server two options that would enter into our thoughts are that from the windows and Linux. They are both worldwide known companies but operate them from separate platform. In our midst there’d not any who may have not used at all a windows based pc and the windows like a brand is extremely much strong in your minds. This reliability or reputation could be the main reason why businesses go for a windows dedicated server. People rely upon any of the windows product due to quality so it has still maintained and is particularly most likely to continue with these. Even if windows dedicated server may appear far more on price than just a Linux server, there are more efficiency and supports a bigger volume of applications. When a website uses ASP or .NET technology, then you should compulsorily go with a windows dedicated server as the are Microsoft applications and will work only on win web server platform. There are several applications honestly which run only inside a windows dedicated server.


Some of the factors that you ought to consider while buying a windows dedicated server are

    Reliability – The representation you will get needs to be reliable and safe. It must be available at in history from the day for ones website.Support services or support – the (Read more ...)

Important things about Server colocation

December 27th, 2012

With e commerce with an all time high, the marketing industry on the web is also gaining momentum. This can be the marketing technique used by each of the businesses which improve online no matter their size and extent of operations. Without the help of affiliate marketing no enterprise can grow and expand. Of these marketing stratagems to be effective efficiently, they do use the help of dedicated severs who give you the hosting services for him or her. This server hosting could be the first step to starting a company online.


There are some features of hosting. As opposed to the skills made available from shared hosting, this hosting service maintains the standard of the web access that may be offered by it. This makes the service demand increase among the customers caused by is unmatched quality. There aren’t any seams which can be posed within this dedicated server and for that reason the performance is superb. The protection available from the server is additionally provided by the assistance of larger servers therefore it really is trust worthy. It protects the disk space, the processor power as well as storage. For your server is not being shared, the velocity of the work doesn’t have a direct impact. On top of that, there isn’t any prospects for your system being crashed and also the trafficking results are very positive also.


As mentioned earlier, the security of an dedicated server can be quite high. You can install any software of your liking without the anxiety about getting technically jammed or catching their hands on a harmful virus. This is due to the custom configuration that this server possesses. So as to provide additional security, the server will buy a custom-made firewall service that increases (Read more ...)

Avail The main advantages of Cheap Dedicated Server

November 28th, 2012

A network is really a multi-user system because a couple of system or person at a time can send requests to a machine. A shared machine by using a software package which handles requests and distributes for the network resources just like data files. Their machine and software are jointly termed as a server. All server programs train on an individual machine that’s more storage and faster operating speed. A server provides security to its data and then there are some server programs. Web host is but one such service, which swallows a server to build and manage a site. The server provides administrative privileges and allows the person a graphical interface to alter and manipulate data.

With the increasing demand of internet with website hosting at its peak people look hosting, they will can use to raise very good of their internet hosting business. With dedicated server in the market, people prefer hosting. As dedicated server is expensive, persons are looking out for cheap dedicated server, which will hand them over use of the server, and people can gain their business. The license towards cheap dedicated server is obtainable from resellers at the very nominal and cheap price.

People who’re serious developers would have to have a dedicated server, because server colocation have the capability to run complex scripts. A budget dedicated server is usually a shred server that may provide you with the same functionality which enables it to perform a similar complex tasks with no trouble and luxury. The cheap server colocation have the capability running software on any platform as well as the uptime is extremely high. The up time of these kinds of servers are calculated being 99.9 %, so atlanta divorce attorneys 1000 hours you possibly can run (Read more ...)

Fully Managed Windows Dedicated server web hosting

November 14th, 2012

Basically, a devoted server is actually a single server, mostly liked by large businesses and dedicated solely one single client. There are various attributes of dedicated server hosting like easily customizable, Excellent Server Uptime, 247 tech support, freedom on email functionality, flexible, etc.

A dedicated server is an ideal internet hosting solution for large businesses or websites having huge traffic. With dedicated server, you will get fast data access as well as your huge traffic is easily accommodated.

Dedicated server hosting package is sold with the two most popular computer, Windows and Linux. Basically, windows hosting are the best platform for just a newbie and also to host your enterprise website. The Windows Servers contains the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 the Microsofts OS.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

You may use the Windows Server 2003 many different things; turning it into the most perfect server operating-system. The Windows Server 2003 is already placed on the windows dedicated server. With windows dedicated server hosting you do have a complete freedom to customize and configure your server specs and OS respectively.

If your requirement is to host MSSQL/ASP/ webpages, you are around the right way. Windows dedicated server could be the perfect solution for you personally as we know that ASP and MSSQL being microsoft products.

Addition for this, there are several attributes of a Windows Server. You need to use the windows server as a web server, by simply using IIS web server. It’s an application included along with the microsoft windows server installation. Another advantage, that using the windows media server application you’ll be able to host becoming a media (Read more ...)

Windows Server colocation – Colocation America

November 13th, 2012

Dedicated Servers Using Windows Operating System

There a wide range of operating systems from which to choose when deciding which will become the correct one to set up on your dedicated server. Typically the most popular operating system as of yet could be the Windows operating-system far surpassing Linux worldwide. Colocation America will give you robust, high-quality Windows server platforms which are going to give optimum performance for ones ecommerce business.

Our packages are added to IIS 7.0 0, supports ASP.N NET, MS Access, SQL Server, and all the characteristics Windows have which make it one of the most popular solutions available on the market.

Experience the Most Powerful Web Technologies

Windows Server operating system is designed for networking and collaboration, defining it as perfectly fitted to a powerful, optimal running dedicated server. This platform flexibility gives you the freedom to run powerful applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Exchange, SharePoint and plenty of other programs or applications that add efficiencies that can streamline IT management. Our world-class colocation facility makes certain that you receive the best from these technologies for a fraction of your cost.

Your server, your way

Colocation America’s Windows servers are optimized to offer industry-leading stability, performance and reliability in any aspects. Focusing on custom solutions, we could put together the right package in addition to the line hardware to guarantee your small business using the most effective performance.

Your server is saved in our state-of-the-art colocation sites and actively monitored by on-site technicians to make certain that it constantly runs at an optimum level. With usage of (Read more ...)