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My Web host Features

April 14th, 2013

Explanations to everyone web host cpanel account features that accompanies every purchase.

99% Uptime Guarantee – A promise that the website aren’t going to be disconnected towards the internet. 99% means your web blog will likely be linked with internet only near to daily server maintainance just like daily reboots.

Domains and FTP

Addon Domains/Parked Domains – The amount of additional domain names allowed to be hosted under the current plan.

Sub Domains – The quantity of new domains your able to create out of your current website address in the current plan.

FTP Accounts – FTP represents file transfer protocol. A FTP account enables you to create directories using your website for some to reach files. Transfering files aimed at your site is finished by the FTP program.

Anonymous FTP – Allows others to transfer or views files with no required login.

Supported features

MySQL Databases – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs like forums.

CGI – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs for example forums.

PHP4 & 5 – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs for example forums.

Ruby on Rails – A source web framework optimized for writting codes or coding

SSH – Allows the integration of developing and debugging files with text editors for example vim or nano.

Perl – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs like forums.

Chilisoft ASP – Creates dynamic over the internet applications by combining scripts, html, customer server components and robust database publishing.

Python – (Read more ...)

Basic Introduction to Hosting

April 12th, 2013

A website hosting service is actually a service written by companies to folks and firms that allocates them space on their server and supplies connection to the online world. In that way, the details them to need to share will be accessible for all online users.

In this era of the Internet, it is possible to almost find all the info that you’ll require on this planet Wide Web. These different types of information is seen through websites which might be uploaded on the Internet. Several individual and businesses start to see the Internet to be a really good way to share relevant information online websites around the globe.

In order with this to actualize, these web-developers, or maybe people who make websites, desire a space over the web so their websites will likely be readily available for everyone to discover. This will be the absolute goal of an web hosting service.

There are many kinds of web hosting services that exist today. The simplest some may be small-scale hosting, which usually handles personal webpages. It is the process wherein files which can be to get set up the web page are uploaded thru the File Transfer Protocol. This style of web hosting service is quickly accessible numerous companies offer this free of charge, in fact it is commonly known as free internet hosting service.

Another sort of website hosting service may be the shared hosting service where different websites share precisely the same server, thus may share the resources used by web hosting just like the Random Access Memory.

A different style of web hosting service will be the dedicated hosting service in which the user receives a Web server for himself and in addition controls it just how he really wants to. The server does not (Read more ...)

What’s the Benefits of Web Hosting?

April 9th, 2013

Well permit me to start that way, what on earth is internet hosting?

Internet hosting is the ability to move a small business or information, product content, research to Internet. Actually, internet hosting service is an Hosting service that allows someone or a company to provide their websites accessible via Web. Web hosts are the type of firms or organizations that supply space on the server they own in order to use by the clientele in addition to providing Internet connectivity, typically within a data center. These also furnish data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to generally be based in their data center, called colocation or possibly a service that permits anyone to put your internet site (website address) on the web. After you’ve thought of a reputation for ones website and registered the domain, you need to to find a web hosting service service coming from a host company.


Checking out the vast number of applications of this service, it can be broken into following :

Free web hosting service

Webhosting shared service

Reseller internet hosting

Virtual dedicated server

Dedicated hosting service

Managed hosting service

Colocation website hosting service

Clustered hosting

File hosting service

Grid hosting

Video hosting service

One-click hosting

Shopping-cart software

Blog hosting service

Image hosting service plus more…


Well lets talk about some great benefits of web host, we obtain to master the advantages are lots of in number. A few of them include :

Chance (Read more ...)

Read This Prior to signing Up for Cheap Web host

April 5th, 2013

Cheap Hosting Options

Clearly the appeal for paying a decreased price for your web hosting requirements is universal, however as being the old saying goes ‘you get everything you pay for’.

So why are cheap hosting bad and expensive hosting good?

Well the explanation would be that the more you make payment for better the support, technology, features & benefits you might receive compared to an affordable sponsor in which you should therefore receive bad support etc.

Lets examine what things can really go wrong by which has a hosting company

3 Pitfalls of Hosting Using a Cheap Hosting Company

Poor Support

Prompt online or telephone around the clock support is important if its non existent when it’s needed most, ie once your site is down for a few as well as other reason, you may suffer one thousand deaths.

No Back Ups

If your hosting company suffers a hardcore disc failure & without the need of performed regular back ups, at best you will have a major headache of to re upload any files & images including worst without the need of backups of your personal you will get no website, ie you’ll need to originate from scratch.

No Added Value

With a superb web host package you would expect to receive certain features over & above the allocated degree of web space and bandwidth including uncomplicated to install scripts and the like.Whilst the above mentined pitfalls tend to be involving cheap hosting packages they might be present with all the more pricey packages.

What therefore is the fact pricey website hosting doesn’t mean that you’re walking the best of (Read more ...)

Whats the real difference Between Shared and Managed Web Hosting?

March 31st, 2013

One could say that website hosting went mad with its perpetual array of niche variations. These days, hosting is available in a wide variety forms that maintaining these people gets pretty confusing. Youve got your eco-friendly companies they like to boast green internet hosting, you also have the religious types who tag their services as Christian or Catholic hosting. I did to undertake a double-take after researching some information on Google and choosing a company that gives web hosting service if you have pets. Crazy I say to you.

Im gonna keep things simple in the following paragraphs and discuss two kinds of web host that happen to be quite similar yet oh so distinct – shared web hosting and managed hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

If you havent read any kind of my other articles or anyone elses on the subject, hosting that is shared describes an established web hosting arrangement. This can be a most usual type of web hosting, simply because it is reasonably classy and cost-effective. Even one who isnt all of that technically inclined can succeed in this environment as a consequence of innovation which has made web hosting considerably more user-friendly than past times. The online world host covers all the administrative tasks and server maintenance. Can be as easy to complete is make your website and keep it via a user interface application. No complicated server configurations or installations. Whatever applications it is advisable to install usually can be offered with a program like Fantastico which simply requires you click a button more than once and wala.

Managed Web Hosting

The a higher level service you generally get originating from a managed host company is reasonably akin to that relating to website hosting. (Read more ...)