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Hosted Exchange or Web Mail?

April 14th, 2013

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is exactly what hosting providers usually call their Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting service. Hosted exchange is often a premium service offered by email hosting providers like Fasthost, Rackspace, simplymailsolutions etc. Hosted exchange relies on a Microsoft Exchange server (2007 is a current version but 2010 is soon hitting theaters) and still have Outlook because the email client.

Microsoft Outlook lets you send and receive emails, just about all lets you share calendars, folders, tasks and contacts. Outlook have desktop, browser and mobile access providing you a 24/7/365 connection – you may be employed in any office, at home or on trips.

Web Mail

Web Mail requires an on-line connection therefore offer you access to emails, calendars, contacts and task lists – anytime and anywhere. This is its major downside. You would like a web connection and a internet browser.

Hosted exchang and Web mail – So Whats a real difference?

Most email hosting providers offer both hosted exchange and web mail email solutions. The serious distinction between hosted exchange and web mail has web mail you must have a broadband experience of an internet browser. Except for this you will need to evaluate which is the best option to meet your needs.

Other differences are you cannot collaborate with tasks among users in web mail, you can not share contacts in web mail so you cannot delegate or amend events in the calendar in web mail.

The main difference as said before is the fact that web mail is usually a budget version of hosted exchange and web mail is usually the perfect solution for individuals to small business owners. (Read more ...)