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Web site hosting – Colocation America

April 29th, 2013

An avid server would be the solution your business have to excel to a higher level. Our specialized services are best for companies which are not quite ready for colocation, but requires flexibility and superior control over their online presence.

Colocation America offers dedicated server package that will help you to relieve the direct costs, while supplying you with the area to comfortably expand as per what’s needed of your respective business. Pointed out that every company is unique, we supply you with the luxury to construct your own personal custom server suitable to your needs and budget.

Features and Benefits

Our dedicated servers provides you with a larger performance, safety and accessibility, being sure that your company has each of the functions and resources necessary to be a success.

* Outstanding performance – With the bandwidth, storage and server resources you can use, the firm will rise to new heights because from superb performance. This can be permitted by Colocation America’s rock-solid infrastructure and lightning-fast network.
* Effective Security – An avid server will assist you to rest easy by an exceptional volume of security. All of us than it experts will continue to work together with you to ensure that your server is secure as you possibly can.
* Maximum uptime – Other than co-location, a devoted server is the the most reliable IT hosted solution available on the market. Colocation America assures reliability by leveraging technology and technicians in order that your business stays online.

Responsive Technical Support

You will surely have charge of your web presence, but like a collocation America customer, you are never alone with all your dedicated (Read more ...)

Economy Hosting and Server colocation for the Business online

April 22nd, 2013

When you want to get started your personal web hosting service company therefore you manage a rather organization that doesnt use database or scripting, make an attempt the economy hosting plan.

Economy hosting is sold with all of the benefits which have been generally true for hosting. Such as reliable high quality hosting service, unlimited support, and several resources and tools that could definitely come in useful in the tries to develop your small business.

You can start your internet business while using most favorable cost by choosing economy hosting, which comes into play three categories to choose from.

The first category provides you with 100MB of space and 1GB monthly, 10 Pop3 mailboxes, the other MySQL database. Your second category offers 500 MB space and 5 GB monthly, 20 Pop3 mailboxes, and the other MySQL database. The 3rd category comes with 1 GB space and 10 GB monthly, 30 Pop3 mailboxes, as well as MySQL databases. The 3 injuries categories include super-fast bandwidth, full cPanel access, gigabit burstable ports, unlimited subdomains and daily backups.

Moreover, also you can go for web site hosting, and select the variety of affordable and versatile server solutions that exist to you personally. The server colocation consist of fully customizable software and hardware, high quantities of security and gratification, and the systems resources that fit your needs best.

For those less experienced with the idea of, we’ve got to mention a separate server is available to the usage and account of merely one customer, unlike normal hosting plans, certainly where an single server hosts several customers accounts. Because the customer on the dedicated server, you may have exclusive rights above the bandwidth, (Read more ...)

What’s the Benefits of Web Hosting?

April 9th, 2013

Well permit me to start that way, what on earth is internet hosting?

Internet hosting is the ability to move a small business or information, product content, research to Internet. Actually, internet hosting service is an Hosting service that allows someone or a company to provide their websites accessible via Web. Web hosts are the type of firms or organizations that supply space on the server they own in order to use by the clientele in addition to providing Internet connectivity, typically within a data center. These also furnish data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to generally be based in their data center, called colocation or possibly a service that permits anyone to put your internet site (website address) on the web. After you’ve thought of a reputation for ones website and registered the domain, you need to to find a web hosting service service coming from a host company.


Checking out the vast number of applications of this service, it can be broken into following :

Free web hosting service

Webhosting shared service

Reseller internet hosting

Virtual dedicated server

Dedicated hosting service

Managed hosting service

Colocation website hosting service

Clustered hosting

File hosting service

Grid hosting

Video hosting service

One-click hosting

Shopping-cart software

Blog hosting service

Image hosting service plus more…


Well lets talk about some great benefits of web host, we obtain to master the advantages are lots of in number. A few of them include :

Chance (Read more ...)


March 22nd, 2013

So you are looking at web host, huh? Well here I’m going to talk about all the varieties of website hosting accounts widely available for your requirements. There may be virtual, reseller, dedicated and semi dedicated hosting accounts. We are going to focus on all of them in the following paragraphs.

Firstly, let’s study the virtual account. You will pack loads of this accounts during one big dedicated server. It is exactly what 90 % from the internet is manufactured off, what on earth is sometimes referred to as shared hosting accounts. They are the cheap ones that you find available at most companies online.

Secondly, i want to consider the reseller accounts. This would be described as a a bit more expensive, however when you go deeper engrossed there are a number more different website hosting accounts there. Through the years helps you be capable of resell online hosting so because of this have your own private business.

Last, but not least it is undoubtedly a dedicated server. Through the years happens to be the largest of all of them, and is usually useful for running websites of popular websites or maybe the big corporate companies. It can be for websites that require a lot of bandwidth and several storage area. More suited for websites like,,, and similar huge websites.

If you merely own the right website you may be only going to need one shared enviroment account. The reseller account is for individuals that want to resell web host space or share with friends and family. If you are intending on launching a gigantic website, it’s a chance to go with the dedicated server. (Read more ...)

Dedicated Server Hosting With Cloud

March 18th, 2013

The understanding of cloud dedicated server hosting in India is described the technology of assignment of real-time resources and services. The main goal from it should be to setup an infrastructure which is to be uncomplicated to operate for customers. Basically, in term of hosting, below listed are a handful of the core features of a cloud server hosting.

The cloud server hosting decreases the 1st server setup cost and it’s ain from the Data Center and don’t should be taken for example time task.
Keep planned it’s created by aiming basic clients and the small company provide that may offer? complete flexibility to settle on the unit as well as placement of this server.
When you are considering resource sharing, it allows the sharing of resource reducing the all inclusive costs.
It helps you to increase the load management.
You have total freedom to allocate resources, including bandwidth on demand.
Pay only for the time used.
It gives you consistent performance and full control on the configurations of your respective web server.
Cloud hosting improves the reliability and redundancy of multiple websites.
It offers you easy disaster recovery facility, in the event of failure.
It is produced in a manner it can easily meet any organization client requirements.
Data is very centralized with enhanced functions for example security and accessibility.
It provides Audit log access and even improves sustainability.
It works well for lowering the utilization of energy.

Nowadays, companies getting excited about the future are migrating to your cloud dedicated server web hosting in India. The pros linked with this futuristic technology are certainly not restricted to the above mentined. (Read more ...)