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Shared web hosting vs. Dedicated Web Hosting

April 16th, 2013

A Brief Introduction

Shared hosting / Virtual Hosting

In a shared or Virtual Hosting, the hosting company hosts an abundance of online portals in a server. Consequently there could possibly be other websites sharing your server.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In web server, your server is devoted to your internet site alone. In other words all of your web server space is owned by you alone.

Assessment Criteria

Neighborhood sites

In shared web hosting, when you share your internet site with porn sites or spam sites you’ll find chances that online search engine may display warning flag for ones site also. Sharing with sites that follow black hat methods can result in blacklisting of this site also.

Server response

File requests are addressed by server on first come first serve basis. Thus of you have reached the final on the queue, you need to look forward to reasonable length of time in your request for being attended, if you happen to hold a webhosting shared. In web server there is absolutely no such issue.

Traffic effect

Based about the traffic generated by the neighborhood sites, the response time for the site are different in case there is hosting that is shared. Dedicated hosting doesn’t face such problems.

Server Crash

In case of shared hosting, should the webhost writes a negative CGI script, your blog might crash.

Inter dependence

Your sites performance can be affected due to bad performance of your sites sharing your server in the instance of shared hosting.


In web server, by writing a very good script, you are able to completely moderate your sites performance.


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Web server with Complete Server Support in India

April 7th, 2013

Dedicated web server hosting in India with complete control across the dedicated server is created available by a number of companies who may have excellent infrastructure set up backed by skilled personnel. They feature you full control over your hosted server including hardware plus the operating-system for both Linux and Windows based environment.

Dedicated Server Hosting in India – Infrastructure Support

A few web server hosting providers in India have top notch infrastructure support covering every factor of dedicated web hosting which is why a well-equipped data center is necessary. 100% Dell hardware to choose maintenance and security needs like fire protection, cooling, biometric scanners, power, CCTV and manned surveillance are made available for one of the most complete dedicated server hosting in India.

Upkeep of this method of infrastructure support has great significance in terms of dedicated web hosting; you puts their own server most of the data centers in the hosting facility. HVAC facilities make certain that the hardware has the needed environment to its unrestricted functioning. Theft of data remains safe and secure by access cards which allow only following a person is in a position to check out biometric scanning.


Web Server Hosting India

The India scenario of web server hosting has improved nowadays as a consequence of some top dedicated hosting carrier’s networks with world-class infrastructure coupled with skilled professionals. The service providers in search of dedicated web hosting would flourish to seek flexible hosting plans. Such plans are preferable if any dedicated hosting provider in India can give all of them with customizations.

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Managed Hosting. Does Someone Require it?

March 18th, 2013

So who needs to use managed hosting service? People who have no knowledge about server management kinds who wish to give attention to business however, not technical issues. I’ve seen some comments in popular hosting forums and decided write something about it here.

Let’s summarize the answers posted by forum members.

Managed Hosting Is made for Newbies

AH-Tima: “Its for folks who don’t discover how to properly manage their servers… or believe everything is possible with a user interface and securing a server means installing APF and BFD.

Voyeur: When something goes down on your server it’s the managed host have a tendency to knows first and definately will restart the service or fix their xbox for you personally while cpanel usually times are not able to even restart a service properly.

Anatha: Show me a managed hosting that manages server without installing any user interface software, with just minimal OS. I bet 99% of managed hosts available install some kind of user interface, mostly cpanel and selling them back as managed hosting cause all plants do is press submit or two to fulfill their customer’s queries. Should they agree to undertake it and not using a cp, they are going to probably charge ridiculous fees… Managed hosting is only for anyone folks who actually commence with a devoted server and also have no clue what occurring. They would like to “own” a devoted server but dont know crap regarding how to make it happen.

Zsuatt: We manage servers both with control panels and without control panels, and control panels are ok for users who wants to know some fundamental specifics of their servers or do some low level (Read more ...)

Website hosting as well as Different kinds

February 21st, 2013

When you would like to visit any site there is downloaded from your web server onto your web browser. An internet site consists of many web pages which in turn contain texts and graphics. The area where these web sites are stored is a web server. So if you prefer to own a site then you’ll definitely first must approach a web server company simply put website is often hosted using a server. This specific repair of hosting the web site about the server is termed web hosting plus the organizations that this are known as internet hosting providers.

A website hosting company can host thousands of websites thereby only needed large web server spaces. These servers are coupled to the internet and may be assessed by anyone who has ever a web browser. The fundamental 4 types of hosting are:

Shared hosting- here several websites are typically stored over a few physical web servers. It is simple for the physical server to be able to host multiple websites with respect to the host. People could possibly be concerned the fact that server’s capability may be affected given that they have got to host numerous websites formerly. Amazingly this isn’t an issue as the hosts continually monitor the servers and continue adding new servers if your needs arises, as well the servers are invariably held by high end computers to support this need.Dedicated hosting- in this instance just one web server is allotted to at least one single customer so that the guy can host his or her own website or multiple websites during this server space. Here the consumer has many choices and the man will be at modifying configuration, with the ability to scale the bandwidth and thereby increasing online traffic. It is no wonder then the fact that charges for dedicated hosting (Read more ...)

Things to consider before you go to get a Dedicated Hosting

January 21st, 2013

After a bit of time in the commercial on internet anyone gains experience as to what is effective and stuff like that with regard to their business. In ways they purchase the practice business and after this know greater ways to handle things. Till these days there must have been a should budget the investments in the market. But once this business starts growing zinc increases what’s needed also. Initially we will realize that a shared server was enough to fulfil the requirements of traffic on their website. But with the expansion trading the traffic increases. This improves the dependence on more disc space and bandwidth. There comes a time when a shared server seriously isn’t enough and moving ahead will be the need of hour. Hosting include the strategy to this requirement in the market. Web site hosting can be very expensive but an improved strategy to your growing business.
But there are actually certain facts to consider before choosing a separate server. Within a dedicated server, an individual gets additional control over your server. There isn’t any shared users here that might consume your server space and affect your mode of working. This, however, becomes a worry sometimes owing to with additional hold the responsibility of managing the server also comes on the person. Another person’s technically sound and is also in a position to fix daily problems that might come then the maintenance is just not a major problem. In case not then there’s a different worth of a staff used only for upkeep of your server. Be sure with the types of support your hosting provider is providing you. The cost of support is incredibly high where server colocation are worried.
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