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How to choose best reseller hosting

April 13th, 2013

Today the internets market seems filled with reseller hosting companies that are offering attractive and economical packages for site owners. In these conditions it becomes hard to choose the best hosting company.

Types of reseller hostings

Web hosting comes in three types:

1- Free Reseller Website hosting Service

In free hosting you won’t have to pay monthly charges however you must be contented with limited bandwidth and web space with no guarantee of caring technical support.

2- Shared hosting Service

In shared enviroment, your web site have got to share web space with quantity of other websites present on same server. Such a hosting is correct form of hosting and small establishments websites. Reseller website hosting also falls in such a category, which allows you to resell the web hosting service.

3- Dedicated Cheap Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting companies are suitable for large business websites with entire server available, dedicated for example website only. It offers a superior large web space, excellent tech support team and greater bandwidth for maintaining large websites with great traffic and graphical elements.

Use SSL for big Shopping Sites

If that you are operating a shopping website in which you should maintain shopping cart application and payments, then you definately must prefer using SSL giving you security and reliability. SSL facility is accessible on hosting sites at monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions.

Customer Review and Personal Research

Before you’re sound decision concerning the selection of webhosting company, you should review the website and packages to ensure your hosting needs.

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Reseller Web host : Defined

February 24th, 2013

In Todays new modern era various kinds of hosting can be found in website hosting market. Like as dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Shared enviroment etc. Then Why should you choose reseller type hosting? Therefore first you have to know what’s the reseller type hosting ?

So here you’ll find what sort of web host reseller is proven to work and are you ready for main good things about buy it?

To buy this service, firstly you really need to buy this from an intermediate user. For ex. Someone already using hosting service whilst your are buying from him/her, it is called as a reseller hosting. Here user may contact web hosting service company directly with this service. If you’re going buy hosting packages in upfront then then you need to pay more correctly. And this the large benefit of reseller type hosting which will make this specific repair so well received. This would mean user purchase the hosting service in cheaper rate with best services.

Shared Hosting also famous due to its cheaper rates. Its likes, one server hosts few many Website its called website hosting service. Many people are not afford to purchase VPS or dedicated server in first hand and today everyone finding cheapest services. Hosting that is shared is the better selection for those people who belongs with small business owners.

In todays market many individuals prefer VPS and dedicated hosting service as compare to other hosting packages. In Dedicated Hosting service it hit you up for over other services, but here you can handle your server whenever you need. As look at to shared web hosting you can not accomplish that. In hosting you are able to only manage your place over there. This is the primary reason you must buy reseller type hosting service. Is (Read more ...)

What You Need To Know Prior to starting a website Webhost

June 3rd, 2012

The web hosting companies launch your internet site using their company own server and connect anyone to scores of netizens basically every nook and corner from the globe. They allot that you share of the webspace wherein it is possible to upload news, bulletins, documents, images, and all sorts of possible kinds of files viz. HTML files, CCS files, graphic files, java scripts along with your own mail server to transmit and receive e-mails. Many hundreds of websites are now being launched every second vouching for share of webspace, so evidently there is no dearth of employment for people aiming to begin a internet hosting company. But, before one starts a web host company he must be well informed about the salient popular features of a web host company:

Bandwidth or Data transfer useage: It refers to the space consumed (in GB or MB) for every transferred from any web site.

Diskspace: A measure of the quantity of files, images, documents or data on any site possibly short the quality of space occupied by way of the website on your own server.

Control Panel: It can be required to manage the website- maintain databases, e-mails etc.

Domain Name: The clients may register their website together with the company or understand registered with an independent registrar being used in the corporation later.

FTP: It really is instructed to move all files through the system to any clients website

E-mail Related Features:

These features determine what types of e-mails might be sent from or received while in the clients mailboxes and exactly how many e-mails he is allowed under each plan. POP3 e-mail Account, SMTP Server, Aliases/Forwarder & Email autoresponder and webmail are a couple of the commonly sought after (Read more ...)

Best Dedicated server web hosting in India

May 16th, 2012


e-ICON Online Services Pvt. Ltd, one of many premier website hosting company in offering ?Most Economical Web site Solutions, to help businesses realize great and bad INTERNET and be sure which every business should have their own “www” address.Company offers Very fast Web hosting service on WINDOWS or Linux Web site hosting in USA with OC-48 BACKBONE CONNECTIVITY (2.488 GBPS),? to give the BEST Hosting Approaches to business around the globe.our Almost all of our Dedicated Servers In USA Datacenter with 99.99% Uptime and Indian Servers with 99 % Uptime on 24 hours.

e-ICON Dedicated Server Hosting plans represent unrivaled selection for web site hosting. Each is also backed by industrial grade infrastructure to guarantee maximum uptime. Work well on customers who wish high-performance dedicated hosting solutions together with the core managed services were required to support common Hosting functions and applications.

e-ICON offering various kinds of dedicated server solutions to your business requirements, while using the flexibility to configure your individual server by picking a choice of customization features between Os in this handset, RAM, Hosting Control Panels, Firewalls, Backups, etc.

For Linux/Windows 2003 Server colocation

e-ICON offering hosting applications, databases, blogs, and resellers can enjoy the true benefits associated with 247 monitoring, security patches, priority support With ticket system, and service level agreements which have only been offered to full Dedicated Servers

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Earn Money with Reseller Internet hosting

April 21st, 2012

The reseller web hosting lets the account owner to allot the disk space and bandwidth with parties. In simple words, the account holder shares his disk space and bandwidth with any other companies by creating new domains on their behalf. The account holder buys disk space and bandwidth in wholesale and sells these to others. In this form of web, hosting the account holder operates the web hosting operations as well as its components while using infrastructure and equipment on the alternative party supplier.

The account holder are available the net hosting services to anyone he prefers with the idea to individuals or businesses.? The resources used here’s a similar which is offered by the genuine hosting provider. The reseller use the control panels given to him by the provider to build, manage and close the consumer accounts. While using the control panels, the reseller is capable of having control above the alternative party sites and domains registered to him.

Here are certain categorizations of reseller web hosting

The reseller is often a sales executive with the primary service provider. Favorite reseller shows the hosting services towards third party companies or individuals, the initial disk space belongs to the primary hosting provider. This kind of reselling a product or service is comparable to online marketing. The reseller is paid on references or commissions so you can get more clients to your company. In this form of reselling hosting services, the client purchases the disk space, bandwidth along with the total hosting package on the original provider as well as the resellers earns a commission. This is one way the reseller earns money using this type of services.

Resellers become marketers for the main hosting company. (Read more ...)