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Hosted Exchange or Web Mail?

April 14th, 2013

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is exactly what hosting providers usually call their Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting service. Hosted exchange is often a premium service offered by email hosting providers like Fasthost, Rackspace, simplymailsolutions etc. Hosted exchange relies on a Microsoft Exchange server (2007 is a current version but 2010 is soon hitting theaters) and still have Outlook because the email client.

Microsoft Outlook lets you send and receive emails, just about all lets you share calendars, folders, tasks and contacts. Outlook have desktop, browser and mobile access providing you a 24/7/365 connection – you may be employed in any office, at home or on trips.

Web Mail

Web Mail requires an on-line connection therefore offer you access to emails, calendars, contacts and task lists – anytime and anywhere. This is its major downside. You would like a web connection and a internet browser.

Hosted exchang and Web mail – So Whats a real difference?

Most email hosting providers offer both hosted exchange and web mail email solutions. The serious distinction between hosted exchange and web mail has web mail you must have a broadband experience of an internet browser. Except for this you will need to evaluate which is the best option to meet your needs.

Other differences are you cannot collaborate with tasks among users in web mail, you can not share contacts in web mail so you cannot delegate or amend events in the calendar in web mail.

The main difference as said before is the fact that web mail is usually a budget version of hosted exchange and web mail is usually the perfect solution for individuals to small business owners. (Read more ...)

After Basics of Email Hosting – Hosted Exchange or Webmail Email Hosting?

April 2nd, 2013

If you choose to work in a and Mid Size business (SME) there is a big chance that you’re sending, receiving emails and sharing contacts/tasks/calendars on hosted exchange or Webmail powered email hosting solution. But what are differences between hosted exchange and Webmail and what email hosting option is the most suitable choice to your business?

Most SMEs usually do not have the time, a substantial IT budget or technical staff to implement and observe after a whole in-house email server infrastructure. Elements like costs are usually the logic behind why hosted exchange or Webmail email hosting is starting to become ever more popular. By using hosted exchange or Webmail from an e-mail hosting provider your online business dont need to physical-in-house-on-site email servers.

Hosted Exchange is oftentimes referred to as exchange hosting and is particularly usually running using a Microsoft Exchange backend server. Utilising an email hosting provider you receive peace of mind that your chosen email product is always secure, secured or longer and running. Using a premier email hosting provider services also is sold with high reliability and gratifaction plus administration and 24/7/365 support. To summarise the total amount saved between hosted exchange and Webmail email hosting is always that 1. Webmail is really a budget version of email hosting and a couple. with Webmail you use a web site browser to deliver, receive and review emails, i.e. you will need access to the internet to use Webmail.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange will be based upon Microsofts latest exchange server with Microsoft outlook for your client. With Outlook that you can do more than send and receive email, you possibly can share calendars, folders and (Read more ...)

Hosted Hosting: Should Providers Go Hosted?

January 1st, 2013

Vendor Hosting Is quite possible

The simple reasoning behind hosted services, already known and widespread for enterprise environments for quite a while, represents the ideal solution to get a large number of small, and mid-sized companies that need a secure and cost-effective platform. Applying the same concept in the dangerous could result in Hosting and Carrier’s networks leasing or renting virtual real-estate with the services they furnish to be able to lower their initial investments or subsequent upgrade costs.

Hosted hosting could bring the benefits that hosted services usually create for enterprises to SPs own tier and optimize their resource usage for the maximum extent possible. This goes toward prove you will find there’s need for a new breed of hosting services, especially directed at large SPs requiring large storage and server farms. Moreover, hosted hosting would improve the overall service quality since those companies hosting Providers would just manage the system, leaving the service to the provider.

This increase in quality will completely appeal to the shopper or subscriber base, as no one can ever miss an even better deal for the similar price. Whats more vital, even services being offered could easily get lots cheaper since the SP would pay just a tiny part of the fee on a monthly basis and just for your resources it requires, changing its subscription plan in line with the usage rates of their services.

Imagine if Something Goes Wrong?

Like any solution, the hosted hosting concept is often not bullet-proof. So, besides benefits, there must be some down-sides that want to be considered. However, as it is an excellent very commonly used method during the entire industry, do not have any real-life examples (Read more ...)

Power of Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting

November 23rd, 2012

Microsoft Exchange is in no way the main communication platform for companies everywhere. A press release from Microsoft published in March 2008 estimates “that 81 of Fortune 100 companies, along with scores of users, use [Microsoft] Exchange as his or her primary messaging and calendaring platform.” This highlights the fact that sending, receiving and sharing communications and knowledge today thoroughly depends on the MS Exchange platform.

Microsoft Exchange Email

One very significant facet of the MS Exchange platform is email. Sending and receiving emails really are a crucial component of everyday communication as businesses depend upon their bodily and mental communication. About the amount of emails being sent everyday in 2008 was around 210 billion. This figure could be even higher today, each year later. About the MS Exchange platform you’ll be able to send/receive emails seamlessly dependant on your position; emails might be accessed on the pc / Laptop wherever you are connected, cellphone or on the internet. The points below briefly outline the characteristics of MS Exchange on desktop, phone and web.

Microsoft Exchange on your own Desktop / Laptop

Microsoft Outlook is considered the most frequently used email client running to the MS Exchange platform. With Microsoft Outlook you may organise your workload, share information with other sites and all from one place. Thunderbird from Mozilla is undoubtedly an open source development and a no charge email client to use if you are not using Outlook. Using Thunderbird with Exchange helps you access emails through Entourage, Mac Mail, or any POP or IMAP desktop client.

Microsoft Exchange with your Mobile Phone

With MS Exchange you may send and receive (Read more ...)

Several types of Website hosting

November 5th, 2012

Now that you have thought we would setup your internet site, another obvious step is to locate Web Hosting provider. If you a newbie, technical jargons connected with web hosting service can be very confusing. In addition to worry; i am here for taking you through the maze to enable you to choose web host reported by your preferences. In this post we will discuss what all sorts of webhosting are available.

Shared Hosting: The most used kind of web hosting nowadays. This is because web hosting services shared is very economical that might mean just handful of dollars per 30 days. Website hosting implies that which the server is shared by all kinds of other websites. The time like bandwidth, disk space, memory and processing power are shared by all websites hosted on that server. Although will say that hosting has deficiency of quality the fact is that hosting that is shared is most suitable for tastes websites. Though, there are a few concerns regarding uptime, bandwidth and disk space, these could be addressed if you choose hosting from some reliable webhost. A certain amount of research may help you in evaluating the standard and toughness for these servers. Also, a choice in which they may have easy to use cp in which you are able to administer your website easily.

Dedicated Server: When your website or web application needs large amount of resources like disk space, computing speed, memory, bandwidth and reliability then dedicated server would be the path to take. Only one website resides on each dedicated server. You won’t share any resources with any website. The server is going to be used in the internet Hosting Company’s data center under full supervision on the internet hosting company. For a company which needs hosting solution (Read more ...)