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Explanations to everyone web host cpanel account features that accompanies every purchase.

99% Uptime Guarantee – A promise that the website aren’t going to be disconnected towards the internet. 99% means your web blog will likely be linked with internet only near to daily server maintainance just like daily reboots.

Domains and FTP

Addon Domains/Parked Domains – The amount of additional domain names allowed to be hosted under the current plan.

Sub Domains – The quantity of new domains your able to create out of your current website address in the current plan.

FTP Accounts – FTP represents file transfer protocol. A FTP account enables you to create directories using your website for some to reach files. Transfering files aimed at your site is finished by the FTP program.

Anonymous FTP – Allows others to transfer or views files with no required login.

Supported features

MySQL Databases – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs like forums.

CGI – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs for example forums.

PHP4 & 5 – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs for example forums.

Ruby on Rails – A source web framework optimized for writting codes or coding

SSH – Allows the integration of developing and debugging files with text editors for example vim or nano.

Perl – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs like forums.

Chilisoft ASP – Creates dynamic over the internet applications by combining scripts, html, customer server components and robust database publishing.

Python – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs for instance forums.

SSI- Perl based HTML commands that optimizes the directing on the server into a web page.

Cron – Allows scheduled timings of commands.

Frontpage – A Microsoft application that allows one to create and upload websites.

Curl – An order line tool for transferring files with url syntax.

GD – Creates images just like PNG and JPEG.

Image Magick – An accumulation of tools and libraries to learn, write, and manipulate a photo in several formats.

Streaming Audio/Video – Allows car stereo files to shown and viewed on your website.

Free Module Installation -


POP 3 Accounts – POP accounts are employed send and receive emails through programs like Outlook Express or Eudora.

Web Mail – Send and receive emails by online

Email Alias – Lets you setup multiple email addresses to consult with an individual mail box.

Auto Responders – Create instant automatic replies for recieved incoming email messages.

Mailing Lists – Generate a email group to deliver out messages instantaneously.

Catch Alls – Allows to relocate and catch all emails dispatched to wrong emails.

Spam Assassin – Blocks spam getting delivered to your email.

Mail Forwarding – Forward emails to desired emails.

IMAP Support – “IMAP permits a “client” email program to view remote message stores just as if we were looking at local.”

SMTP – Enables outgoing electronic mails.

Conrol panel features

Fantastico – Automatically installs scripts internet.

Soho Lauch – A creation website application.

Hotlink Protection – Protects your internet site from links being stolen to use on other websites.

IP Deny Manager – Means that you can block, control and manage all users accessing your web blog.

Custom Error Pages – Customize errors and non existant pages for redirection.

Instant Blogs – Automatically creates blogs

Instant Portals – Automatically installs protals.

Instant PHPNuke – Automatically creates and installs PHP Nukes

Instant Forums – Automatically creates and installs forums.

Instant Guest Books – Automatically creates and installs guest books.

Instant Counter – Lets you track how many visitors within your websites.

Instant FormMail – Automatically create email forms for your website.

Redirect URL – Redirect your site addresses to a different one.

Web Based File Manager – A software tool which allows you to upload files from the web by cp.

PW Protected Directories – Protect your website with passwords.

phpMyAdmin – Allows easy management of your databases.

Web FTP Statistics

AWStats – Realtime updates and stats

Webalizer – Displays traffic statistics.

Raw Log Manager – Lets you download your internet site raw logs.

Referrer Logs – Track your websites traffic and visitors.

Error Logs – Notifies you associated with a visitors recieving web errors.

E-commerce Features

Shared SSL – SSL encrypts confidential data for instance debit card numbers and passwords.

Private SSL – Encrypts confidential data including credit-based card numbers and passwords with a private server.

Agora Cart – A shopping cart

osCommerce – A shopping cart

ZenCart- A shopping cart

CubeCart- A shopping cart


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