How to make money online real fast

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Ok, so lets say you woke up one morning, got an unexpected bill in the mail and needed to come up with $1000 dollars quickly. What would you do? Would you borrow from friends and family? Would you take out a payday loan? Depending on your situation you might have to borrow the money, but if your willing to put in some work you can actually turn to the internet to generate the money you need quickly.

The quickest way to generate $1000 online is by creating a short report that solves a big problem. Information is a huge seller online. If you can put together a short 7-20 page report that solves a pressing problem, you will make alot of money.

You can write your report on anything. Weight loss issues, sex issues, money issues, relationship issues. It really doesn’t matter the topic as long as you know it solves a problem alot of people are having.

If you know a natural way to cure acne really fast you should write a short report about it. Acne is a serious problem for millions of people all over the world. Write the report, set up a simple website and start promoting it. If you market aggressively you could easily sell a hundred or so copies in as little as a day.

Price your report at any price you want. A common price for a short report is $7. So at $7 a copy you would only need to sell 150 copies to reach your $1000 dollar mark.

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