Should You Try Profit Lance?

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There are many websites promoting money making schemes on the Internet and they vary in terms of detail and how effective they are. Profit Lance has become one of the best known sites through heavy advertising resulting in a high profile and a general reputation for good information for anyone who wants to try their hand at earning income through the Internet. This article will attempt to explain the Profit Lance system and evaluate how worthwhile it really is.

Profit Lance is effectively a system that attempts to put together a whole lot of step by step information on Internet money making methods. It covers in detail such important areas of income generation as affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, how to write sales copy and search engine optimization (SEO). In short, all the areas of marketing which you need to understand if you are to be able to make a good income through the Internet.

Some people criticise Profit Lance for how the information is laid out on the web site suggesting it is in some way disorganised. I would suggest that this is not a significant problem. I have explored other websites that deal with advice on Internet marketing and while some are arguably better formatted they often do not give you the same grounding in all the important areas.

Michael Andrews, the owner of Profit Lance, has developed his system over many months of research and experimentation and is constantly adding new information to improve the site where possible. Another good thing about Profit Lance is that while it sells at around $US77, it is a one-off payment and you have endless access to the web site and all the updates Michael Andrews makes to the site are yours for no extra charge. You also have 8 weeks free trial period during which time you can request a refund if not satisfied. Not a bad deal overall.

Do not attempt a once only viewing of the videos and reading of the written information and expect to retain all the important points. Profit Lance is like the Internet equivalent of a seminar that goes on for days. You would never attend such a seminar without taking notes if you wanted to organise the information in your own mind and benefit fully. Unless you have a photographic memory you need to take notes while viewing all the information so you do not get confused between different parts of the training. Preferably, set up a file or ring binder with your own notes along with information printed from the web site. It is advisable to view the videos and read all the information on the site at least several times.

A word of warning, do not buy Profit Lance expecting that it is a so-called “turn key” system that you switch on and it automatically makes money. Such systems are usually scams that should be avoided. However, after having spent several months implementing the Profit Lance course I can honestly say that it is not a scam, is well worthwhile, and combines all of the best information available into one web site. Will it work for everyone? Yes, everyone can make money by following the Profit Lance course but they must be serious, maintain focus and set themselves a daily routine for putting the information into action to build an income stream.



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