How To Get Network Marketing Prospects Without Breaking The Bank

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Building a profitable MLM business means controlling your expenses without sacrificing your advertising & marketing efforts. This is true when it comes to attracting new leads for your business. In this editorial we’ll take a look at how to get MLM prospects for your business without going broke doing it.

One thing you have going for you right now is the web is a proven way to attract new prospects to your MLM business. he key is to develop the Internet marketing skills it will take to make this happen without overspending on your advertising budget.

You should be able to combine free and nearly free advertising methods to create MLM prospects all day long. You can use these to personally enroll distributors into your business, or you can even set up a co-op program and reward your top distributors in your downline.

One way to spread the cost around is to bill your downline a monthly expense to be involved in your coop program. For a flat rate they can be involved in the co-op and build their own business less expensively than if they want out to tried and do it themselves.

The MLM Company you represent may have some of the necessary tools it takes to get started. Here is a list of things you will need to develop a system for attracting new MLM prospects.

1. A lead capture page to promote that has an opt in form for your prospects contact information. This is also referred to as a splash page and is a great thing to promote as opposed to your MLM company provided website.

2. An autoresponder to follow up by email. This is where the names and email addresses will be stored. Your goal is to build a large list of thousands of potential prospects and let your autoresponder follow up with them.

3. A series of prewritten email messages designed to drip information about your mlm opportunity to your prospects. This becomes a sorting method where people can identify themselves as serious MLM prospects. These are the people you want to follow up or to provide to your downline to follow up with.

4. A method for promoting your landing page which should include editorial marketing, blogging, social media, discussion forums, social directories, and anywhere people are hanging out online that would need to make more money.

This is a few ideas on how to get MLM prospects without breaking the bank. Over time you can develop a system that brings in a steady flow of leads on a daily basis.


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