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Thousands of people generate an income using Internet affiliate marketing programs. However, even with all the positives there are some negatives that go along with them.

This article compares some of the pros and cons of internet affiliate marketing programs in general.


1. There are hundreds to choose from. For every niche and every personality there is an internet affiliate marketing program.

This makes it easier when looking for one that relates to your hobbies and interests. In the event you and the program don’t mesh it is also beneficial to know you can choose another one.

2. They are free. You don’t need to pull out your credit card when looking for internet affiliate marketing programs.

Virtually all affiliate programs in every niche are void of any sign up costs. This makes it easy to get started right away. You can look for, sign up and begin promoting an affiliate marketing program today.

3. High income potential. Because you are dealing with the web your income level becomes significantly higher than simply selling offline. Your website can attract thousands of visitors worldwide that can be converted into customers.

It’s not impossible to make 900 a month or more with internet affiliate marketing programs. There are not too many business methods for complete beginners to start with that offer such high incomes.


1. Traffic Generation. Despite the ease of starting up the business, actually making sales is a challenge for many. The number one culprit is a lack of traffic.

Even though numerous methods of driving traffic to your site have been developed, getting visitors hasn’t become any easier. In fact some would say that the influx of people setting up affiliate businesses has made it more difficult to get at least 30 unique visitors a day.

This is the average number you would need to strive for to have a stainable business. The number looks small but it takes a lot of work to produce it.

2. Hidden Costs. Even though internet affiliate marketing programs are free to join, actually building and maintaining the business comes with mounting costs.

There are web hosting expenses, advertising fees, and software or hardware purchases to run the business and keep ahead of the competition. All these expenses can quickly eat away at your finances.

3. Little support and training. While there are a few internet affiliate marketing programs that offer training and/or support the vast majority do very little to help their affiliates promote and sell their products and services.

This is a big problem since most people who begin affiliate marketing have little or no experience in selling and marketing. Without training it’s inevitable that the affiliate will struggle and in worse cases fail and give up. This is one of the reasons why only a mere 20 percent of affiliates make the big profits. The majority make less than 500 hundred dollars a month.

Before you jump into internet affiliate marketing programs it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. This way you can gauge whether or not you will in fact be successful.


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