Cheap Prices on Domain Names: A Review of DynoNames

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There are several domain name registrars out there that offer domain names for just a few dollars. But are they worth it? Which one is the best deal?

We’re going through the top 10 domain name companies when you search for the Cheapest Domain Name Registration. DynoNames came up today as number 2.

The best deal DynoNames is currently offering is $1.99 USD for a .info domain name for the first year. After the first year, it will cost you $8.99 per domain name per year to renew that domain name.

Here’s what caught our eye with DynoNames. You decide if it’s worth it:

1. The popular .com domain names cost $9.99 per domain name every year. If you pay around $10 per domain name, that’s good. We’ve found the average price for a .com domain name is $16 per year based on a survey of 28 domain registrars including the top 20 listed in wikipedia.

2. Private Domain Name Registration with DynoNames costs $6.95 per domain name for the first year. They will charge you $8.95 per domain name per year to renew. This is the deal-breaker for us because there are several domain name registrars that offer free domain name privacy. It doesn’t make sense to pay for domain name privacy.

Think about it: DynoNames offers a .com domain name for $9.99 per year. Add the domain name privacy feature for $8.95 and you’re paying $18.94 per year for a .com domain name. Compare that with a company that offers you a .com domain name with free privacy registration for just $8.99 per year.

3. With DynoNames, you also get a free “starter” web page, but that’s really just a gateway into getting you to use their webhosting services. We already have our own blog and webhost.

Overall, DynoNames isn’t bad, but we probably won’t switch. Some of the domain name registrars out there will offer you better deals. Here’s what to look for:

1. You can get .info domain names for $0.99 for the first year and still pay the same regular price as DynoNames ($8.99 per year.)

2. You can also get .com domain names on sale for the first year ($6.99 for a .com domain name) and their regular price is just slightly cheaper than DynoNames (regular / renewal price: $8.99.)

3. Most importantly, you can get privacy domain registration for free.
If you’re ready to find the Cheapest Domain Name Registration, we’re here to help at where you’ll find this information in a sortable table listing the cheapest domain name prices from the top selling domain name registrars.



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