Internet Directories And Their Importance

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Internet Directories are nothing but another term for a website. From the point of view of an SEO, directories find their prominence in link building to improve your page ranks. Displaying external links on your own website also plays a major role in contributing to the link popularity of your site.

What matters most at the end of the day is the Page ranking that has been attributed to your site. I always keep in mind, while embarking on a link building spree, that the mere number of links alone does not pave the way for a top slot with major search engines. It is the relevance of your link partner to the site that decides the mileage you had gained from the exchange. What does this mean?

There are directories whose business is putting other’s links on their pages for a price. They are known as link farms. Search engines are smarter. Such links are considered as spam and the destination directory has all the chances of being classified as a spammer. OK, so you decide to avoid link farms and get partners from other directories that are also on the look out for exchange partners to increase their own popularity. Unfortunately, that too may not click very well with the search engines. Why do you have to display your link on a site that has content which is totally diverse from your own? And vice versa, why have you displayed a link on your pages when the site has no relevance to your content, unless you are getting paid for the service?

Therefore, if you mean serious business, your links should be appearing only on those directories that have similar objectives as you. I was always enthralled at the rankings I had achieved by manual submission. Spend some time looking at the contents of a prospective link partner to find out whether it has relevant content as your site. The time is well spent and the search engines will beam at you.

If you can mange one way inbound links to your pages, that is great. It is not a very hard task. Cram your pages with highly informative and original content. This will compel many sites to add your link to their pages as this will tell on their own sincerity for the search engines.

Your posts also need to be well rehearsed and should contain your link along with your important keywords.

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