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Top Ten Tweaks to Bring More Traffic to Your Website

June 11th, 2009

It makes no difference what you do online. In order to realize sales or service
you must have traffic actual visitors to your website.
You have probably heard this over and over again and it’s true. There are
numerous ways of getting traffic to a website however remember Murphy’s Law,
“everyone has a scheme for getting rich that will not work”.
This also describes ninety percent of the Internet.

Very often it’s easy to become discouraged by information overload found on the
Internet. It seems like it never ends, and to try and sort out what is real and
what is not is a daunting task. Where do you start? Here are ten tips to

1. A properly designed website.
Your website must be ecommerce ready which includes a sign up box with an
autoresponder. The money is in the list. Quite often this is overlooked.
Give our visitors the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter or special
offers you may have. As more people learn about the value of your product
or service and they share this knowledge with others, you will establish a
loyal stream of traffic that can provide you with more traffic through
recommendations. If you arouse the curiosity of your customers they will
be pushed to help you with your traffic.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO).
A properly optimized website will begin to improve search engine rankings and
bring you traffic. Either do it yourself with software you find online or have
it done, this includes correct long tail keywords.

3. Submit your website to search engines and directories.
There are approximately 500000 directories and search engines on the Internet.
You can (Read more ...)

Web Design – The Next Boost

June 11th, 2009


There are many benefits in owning your own website. There are many people who are there to help you understand the different benefits and the different disadvantages.

Web site design is the next big item to help boost businesses. Web site designers are paid to help you along the process of creating your web site for your business. This can increase sales as long as the web design is interesting.

Keeping the design modern and interesting can be difficult at times. Following these steps of web design will ease some uncomfortable areas:

1. Research- Do your research in finding the right web design which you are interested. Keep in mind the different opinions of your friends and family. This type of audience is what you need to explore the different opinions of the internet world. Through research you can better understand what the clients like and dislike.

2. Don?t overspend- There are many who put a great deal of money into their web design only to get little to no traffic on it. This is never a good venture to allow. The price of a web design varies from on designer to another. However, it is possible to keep the price down on the extras. Having a nice design is good. It doesn?t need to make you poor.

3. Have fun- This is one area that most people forget to have. Having fun in your design is also important to all web designers and getting your site up to the internet world. There internet world is constantly being revamped and modernized. Have fun in what you are doing and your audience will see that it has been created from someone who had fun.

Web design has many benefits that can improve sales of a product or service. Having a modern and exciting web design is only the first step to (Read more ...)

An Insight into Custom Web Development

June 11th, 2009

With leading-edge technologies, requirement-based Web as well as Desktop applications and technology solutions are prepared so that they may have longer shelf-life and enable progress in your business. They are required to be maintained/ supported and generate business value.

For this, a team of established professional expertise, with cross-industry experience and technical capabilities is immensely important. They, along with optimal technology finds out best means of reducing costs, streamlining business processes and gaining business advantages.

Some most vital web development features are the following:

?Developing and marketing products and services in an efficient manner

?Reduction of administrative and other costs

?Providing better customer service & abet business partners and employees

?Getting a higher Return on Investment (ROI)

With Custom Web Applications, the following things can be done easily.

?Project Management

?Project Life Cycle

?Configuration Management

?Change Control

?Quality Assurance & Testing

?Technology and Manpower evaluation

?Systems Analysis and Design

?Quick Prototyping

?Requirements Analysis

?Requirements Definition

?Project Plan

?Application Development

?Providing Test Codes

?Application Support & Guidance

For custom web development some of the basic skills which are required may be summarized as the following:

oProgramming Languages: The major programming languages include C, C++, Java, Cold Fusion

oApplication Development: Application is developed with Java, VB 6.0 and VB.NET

oInternet Technology: The Internet Technology that are used include (Read more ...)

URL Rewriting Simplified – An academic view on URL Rewriting

June 11th, 2009

This article explains the technical aspects of URL Rewriting. This is a starter guide for beginners who need know the basics of URL Rewriting.
What is URL Rewriting? – An explanation of the process called URL Rewriting.

URL Rewriting is the process of manipulating a URL or a link, which is send to a web server in such a way that the link is dynamically modified at the server to include additional parameters and information along with a server initiated redirection. The web server performs all these manipulations on the fly so that the browser is kept out of the loop regarding the change made in URL and the redirection. So client is given a feeling that the content is fetched from the original location mentioned in the URL it has requested.

The Rewriting Engine scans the URLs and makes the needed restructuring on the URL based on pre-defined conditions and rules.

Let’s illustrate this with a real life example.

Consider the following URLs.

Both the above given URLs are with a query string and is a common scene in almost all dynamically driven websites. These links are supposed to show the user with the details of a product with an id of 345 or show products with a category name of “cars” from the website’s database. This URL has many limitations, as the link is cryptic for humans, the links are not that much search engine friendly and is prone to easy manipulation on the query string side by client side interaction. So lets check out how these URLs can be written in a more overall friendly way.

Both the above given (Read more ...)

Social Interaction – Way To Boost Your Web Site

June 11th, 2009

Surveys have confirmed that the main growth in the use of the Internet is in the area of “networking”. Connecting people is a significant part of the Internet through use of web sites to discuss things with like-minded people.

Until recently, the only way of being connected was via email. That is mostly one-to-one, has inherent delays and is also limited in what you can achieve. Nowadays, you can share text, audio and video using social networking sites. These are not one-to-one, but many-to-many and are also immediate.

In a sense, what we are now witnessing online is what has happened offline for centuries. Groups of like-minded people are getting together, chatting, swapping information and passing on useful ideas and products. With the interconnectivity offered by many web sites nowadays you can achieve all this online.

But for those people trying to earn money online, it’s good to understand the fact that there is this essential human need for people to interconnect when online. If your business web site doesn’t have any means of interconnection, you are less likely to attract the modern Internet user, who sees interaction as fundamental. No longer can your business rely on a support email address or a “contact us” form.

These days you need to allow your web site visitors to interact with you AND with each other. That means you need a forum, for instance, or at the very least a blog where people can comment on what you’ve written. You could also do with the ability for people to add content to your web site, such as articles or video clip. Such features in a business web site will help create a sense of belonging, of identity.

In the future a good business web site will be one where a (Read more ...)