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Sony Ericsson T303 Pink and Nokia 6600 Slide Pink: Both Are Prefect Choices

June 11th, 2009

Buying a great cell phone is not easy, especially when you have to choose between the best of the best. Now, on one hand Sony Ericsson T303 Pink is an elegant GSM-enabled gadget.

This stunning piece of technology has a wide TFT colour screen and other extremely astounding features. On the other hand is Nokia 6600 Slide Pink, a phone that is indeed a compact one and with all the features that one probably think of.

Sony Ericsson and Nokia have both created a niche for themselves in the mobile market. Both the brands have always come up with delightful cell phones that are full of style and technology. The handsets of these big brands have always been admired by the consumers. Both these brands give tough competition to each other and one can not point and say which is better. Both the brands have something unique about themselves.

The Sony Ericsson T303 Pink is truly a blend of innovation and sophistication. This cool gadget is equipped with latest technologies and features like Class 10 GPRS, v2.0 Bluetooth and a class apart wide TFT display which constitutes 65K colours and 128 x 160 pixels resolution. It’s light as a feather and weighs only 93 grams. The Nokia 6600 Slide Pink is elegantly designed and is a real stunner with it’s smooth surface. One of the greatest aspect of this phone is it’s size. At 90 x 45 x 14 mm dimensions and 110 grams weight, this phone is ultra slim and sleek. The wide screen 2.2 inch, 16M colour TFT display at 240 x 320 pixels is very impressive.

Due to Bluetooth facility, the Sony Ericsson T303 Pink is of tremendous use for sharing video clips, pictures, and other form of data with other Bluetooth equipped phones. It also comes with the USB facility for data transmission. The WAP2.0/xHTML (Read more ...)

Mobile phone contracts deals – Declared deals with upgrading handsets

June 11th, 2009

Mobile phones are the modern era communication sources to stay connected with other people. Mobile phone is very important to exchange the thoughts with wireless technology. Nowadays, these phones are coming with tricky free offers named as phone deals. Latest phone deals have the positive approach to polish the negative points from the user’s mind. Contract deals are engaged with all latest handsets avail in recent mobile market.

Undoubtedly, all world leading mobile pioneers as Nokia mobile phones, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and LG are offering many phone deals with affordable handsets. These handsets have fully integrated with innovative multimedia features such as video calling, photo editing, radio player, media player, TV set up, large displays, short cut keys and many more. You can choose any of your favorite brand handsets like Nokia N96. this phone has Windows Media format to download their favorite movies, television shows and other video content, GPS navigation to search the maps of different places, N-Gage games tournament to play with friends for entertainment, large 2.8 inch screen to see the display contents properly, 5 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics to store the beautiful moments of your life, integrated Wi-Fi support, Dirk Dagger etc.

With mobile phone contract deals, users are able to select any of his favorite phone but under some few terms consideration as 6 months up to 18 months. These are the assurance time limit to enjoy with free gift offers with handset facilities as mobile roaming to talk at distance place, talk time to chat more, mobile insurance for return safety, instant cash back offers and many other benefits you can get on contract deals.

Wiliam Stain regularly puts his best efforts in the mobile (Read more ...)

Samsung U600i– Superb Cell Phone

June 11th, 2009

The life seems incomplete in the absence of cell phone. The person who has not cell phone feels humiliation. If you want to escape from the feeling of humiliation, bring a superb cell phone which is known with the name of Samsung U600i. Mentioned handset is available with reputable network service provider. This new cell phone has some exciting features that will make you compel to buy this improved gadget of new era.

This cell phone is second to none in the matter of slimness and style. Having stylish look and latest mobile phone with Pay As You Go has been the first and foremost choice of modern customers. Its dimensions and size is very charming. It comes with the thickness of just 10.9 mm. Samsung u600i has 3.2 mega pixel camera to shoot the best quality pictures of your beautiful moments. The camera can give you the experience of professional photography. The photos captured by this cell phone can be shared with friends and family members easily with the help of Bluetooth and USB port. You can click the best pictures with the help of auto-focus, flash, digital zoom facility. Sending and receiving e-mails is very simple with this device.

Gadget comes with high resolution screen that is able to give you different experience of having cell phone. The phone comes with massive storage capacity so that you can store enough data in your cell phone. Like many other innovative phones it has Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS and USB. It has pocket friendly weight of 81grams. Internet access is not hard nut to crack with this latest device. Music lovers can enjoy most loved music with its music player. It has FM radio in it to give you information about the globe. To keep you stress away from you and to pass a quality time the facility of games is also (Read more ...)

Mobile phone deals – Desired gadget with tie up phone deals

June 11th, 2009

If you are looking to buy a new mobile handset with one of the remarkable mobile phone networks, then this is ever best time to get a great phone with attractive deals. Mobile phone deals offer you exciting free gifts or great incentives. With latest handsets, you may find wide range free gifts available as part of mobile phone plans. These days, phone deals are constantly growing as developing of mobile phone technology.

If you are looking most in-demand phone at discounted rates, you must still with latest mobile phone deals. You can get these deals not only older phones, even with brand new handsets. Mobile phone deals are the bulky options to get the latest phones at low rates. You can pick any of your lovable handset with specified deals from world best brands as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, blackberry, LG etc. some phone deals are most heart-touching offers as contract deals, phone with free gifts, clearance deals, pay monthly, 12 months free line rental deals. All these phone plans have individual monthly formats like contract phone deals. Under contract deals, you just choose any of your favorite handsets with 12 months or 18 months time sign ups. During it, mobile provider offers you free text to talk more, free roaming facility to make unlimited outgoing anywhere, download new game files, laptops, Xbox and many more.

You can buy any latest phones with specified deals as Nokia n95, Nokia 96, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Samsung m8800 pixon, Sony Ericsson c902, Nokia 6220 classic etc. these are the best phones ever. These phones are based on 3 quality features with eye catching looks like video recording, video calling, wireless Bluetooth connectivity; USB connectivity let you enjoy high speed data transfer.

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Mobile Phone Software

June 11th, 2009

The Symbian operating system enables programmers to control hardware in the way they do on the PC, and other operating systems do not give such a high level of control. That is why there are emulators for Sega, Amiga, Commodore 64 for the Symbian S60, and there aren’t for other mobile phones. With the new N97 phone, you can also use the qwerty keyboard with these programs, and have your favourite classic computer in your pocket at all times.

You can’t really hope for that with any other phone on the market. Nor with the PSP, since it doesn’t have a keyboard. The PSP also doesn’t have 32GB of storage flash, and 128MB of ram. And 256MB of NAND flash to be used for memory paging of unused ram. And it doesn’t have a 640 times 360 pixel screen. And it isn’t a mobile phone. It looks like Sony and Nintendo will be forced to make emulators for their systems for new powerful smartphones, and sell games trough the internet only. And not sell overpriced devices anymore. It is getting to where only the software matters, at least on the N97. The hardware is strong enough to do anything already. Recording HDTV is still out of reach, but when that becomes possible on mobile phones, so will emulating an entire PC fast enough to use all specific applications not available for mobile phones.

It is possible even now on the N97, only if someone would write the software required. But then Windows Mobile devices would loose purpose. So someone doesn’t allow this to happen. Guess who? But Windows Mobile will definitely fail, as it is inferior to almost all operating systems. It was inferior on PC’s too, but they are working toward fixing that, but there are no plans of fixing it in the mobile segment since they know there (Read more ...)