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What is URL Canonicalization?

June 11th, 2009

URL canonicalization, also known as URL normalization is the process by which URLs are altered and standardized in a consistent manner. Major search engines employ canonicalization process in order to reduce indexing of duplicate pages. Web spiders perform URL normalization to avoid crawling the same web page more than once. This can be tricky for a web promotion specialist if he does not set up the domain properly or does not use consistent link structures throughout the site. Inconsistent link structures and improper domain setup can result in duplicate content and this could hamper search results.
The word canonical means ”authoritative” or “standard”. There might be more than one URL for a particular web page depending on how the tracking URLs were set up or how the site was programmed for marketing campaign. E.g. for most users the following URLs would be same:
But, technically the above URLs are dissimilar. A server could return different content for all the URLs above. A web site promotion firm makes this mistake as it does not set up the domain properly. Hence, and are considered as individual web pages or web sites. However, actually, both are one and the same, hence search engines index both pages and the web master can get penalized for duplicate content, or he might be at the risk of splitting the content.
To avoid such grave problems, web masters should employ consistent linking structures throughout the website to ensure that they get the maximum page rank at the URLs they want indexed. The best way is to end the link location at a trailing slash (/) instead of adding the default.asp or index.html link in the URL.
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Email marketing software – automatically create emails, customizing messages and monitoring an immen

June 11th, 2009

The functional principle for a broadcast email software, a bulk email sender and a mass email blaster is the same. They are programs designed to automatically generate, customize, send and monitor huge numbers of emails to business clients or partners. Moreover, among the highly valued features of broadcast email software tools we ought to mention advanced real time graphical reporting, time sensitive auto-responders and custom subscription forms. Yet, there can be more numerous and complex tasks that such tools can perform, which general overviews will often fail to mention in detail.

The high demand for a broadcast email software became imperative with the increasing number of web clients and the necessity to communicate or keep in touch with all of them. Advertising via email has thus turned into an important marketing strategy and many businesses focus on it to spread the news about their products or services. A broadcast email software reaches thousands of clients via customized messages in minutes. Moreover, such a tool can automatically distinguish between opened messages, bounced and unsubscribed emails. This means that you’ll get the picture of how successful your email campaigns are.

It could be difficult to choose a good quality broadcast email software, and product reviews are not always enough to prove or disprove quality. Therefore, before registering a certain software, have a look at the demo version and decide. The demo or trial variant will help you figure out the user friendliness of the product as well as its efficiency level. A big part of the features are not available with the free version, even if the working specificity could be conclusive for the interested buyer.

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Email communications are a key to the company success?

June 11th, 2009

Many companies consider email communications vital for the prosperity of their business, and they are certainly right. However, the management of subscription-based mailing lists is very difficult if not impossible in the absence of a good mass email software. Also known as bulk email software, such a tool represents a priceless help when dealing with email marketing strategies such as notifications, newsletters, promotions and the like. It is due to valuable mass email software programs that the market presence of companies has extended proportionately with the efficiency of the services and the quality of the relationship with the clients. And there are many tool options to choose from for very decent prices!

A mass email software that you buy a license for should have no limitations in terms of mail merging and the number of emails it sends per day. Plus, the details in the mailing lists serve for the personalization of the messages. A very valuable descriptive detail of a good mass email software consists in the ability to track how email campaigns perform by monitoring who opens the emails or clicks on the links. All this tracking process is enabled by the read-receipt notification that is delivered together with the message.

Among the many features of a mass email software you ought to pay attention to the way the mailer supports the mailing lists. A good tool should be able to handle all types of text formats as well as export files from Microsoft Access, Word or Excel. Then, the management options of a mass email software touch upon the possibility to automatically add or remove addresses, filter information and be compatible with unsubscribing. This latter option is part of the feature legal necessity according to which it is necessary for the (Read more ...)

Web based email marketing software – Is there a need?

June 11th, 2009

Tools that contribute to the management of mailing lists and email campaigns fall into the category of web based email marketing software. Business partners and clients get more numerous every day, and the manual mail creation can be a real burden and even an impossible task when the listings count thousands of addresses. Hence, a web based email marketing software will automatically send bulk mails to all your business prospects and customers, but this feature is supported by the personalization, the reporting and tracking functions included in the program.

Users can download web based email marketing software from various sources, and they can choose from free options or different fee-based variants. The features are usually locked in free trial versions, hence you’ll only be able to perform a small number of tasks with such a tool. Then, at the other opposite pole, there are programs jam-packed with features that are both expensive and highly challenging to use. It is important to choose a web based email marketing software that is user friendly with a simple interface that will not require any special computer knowledge.

Reviews could often help buyers interested in the purchase of a valuable web based email marketing to ease their email marketing management. It is also a mistake to ignore the relevance of a trial version software for the all-included program. Thus, when you test a free version product, you’ll have the chance of appreciating by personal experience what sort of quality it provides. The usage easiness, the number of active and locked features, the speed with which it delivers mails, the reporting options, all make important aspects to consider before registration. And they can be very well identified in the free trial (Read more ...)

Email marketing – one of the most profitable means of making money online?

June 11th, 2009

E-commerce and its email marketing applications represent some of the most successful ways of making money online with a website. Special softwares are used as tools to design email campaigns, send messages and track results for a revenue generating business evolution. The functions played by various tools have very few limitations, since most of the communications established with customers are automatized by means of special email newsletter software programs. These tools do remain necessary because of the impossibility to deal with thousands of clients and their email addresses manually. However, when it comes to money, profit usually increases with the use of software applications.

A good email newsletter software will generate personalized messages allowing variations not only of opening formulas but of content with included images as well. Plus, a good program will also enable the user to follow up with new prospects by means of the so-called auto-responders. At regular intervals of time, your clients will receive personalized mail messages that suit the business purposes in terms of advertising or promotional campaigns. Then, you can test the results of email campaigns by sending newsletters with a different content to certain groups of clients you’ve previously selected.

Moreover, an email newsletter software can create mail announcements, bulk messages and direct mail campaigns without any limitations concerning the number of recipients. Such marketing strategies would not be possible without the opt-in listings that the email newsletter software uses afterwards. A quality tool will also provide a full statistical report with all the clicks on links, the opens and the views. Starting from such statistical results, you can appreciate the (Read more ...)