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Shared web hosting vs. Dedicated Web Hosting

April 16th, 2013

A Brief Introduction

Shared hosting / Virtual Hosting

In a shared or Virtual Hosting, the hosting company hosts an abundance of online portals in a server. Consequently there could possibly be other websites sharing your server.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In web server, your server is devoted to your internet site alone. In other words all of your web server space is owned by you alone.

Assessment Criteria

Neighborhood sites

In shared web hosting, when you share your internet site with porn sites or spam sites you’ll find chances that online search engine may display warning flag for ones site also. Sharing with sites that follow black hat methods can result in blacklisting of this site also.

Server response

File requests are addressed by server on first come first serve basis. Thus of you have reached the final on the queue, you need to look forward to reasonable length of time in your request for being attended, if you happen to hold a webhosting shared. In web server there is absolutely no such issue.

Traffic effect

Based about the traffic generated by the neighborhood sites, the response time for the site are different in case there is hosting that is shared. Dedicated hosting doesn’t face such problems.

Server Crash

In case of shared hosting, should the webhost writes a negative CGI script, your blog might crash.

Inter dependence

Your sites performance can be affected due to bad performance of your sites sharing your server in the instance of shared hosting.


In web server, by writing a very good script, you are able to completely moderate your sites performance.


Handling anonymous FTP and maintaining SSL (Read more ...)

My Web host Features

April 14th, 2013

Explanations to everyone web host cpanel account features that accompanies every purchase.

99% Uptime Guarantee – A promise that the website aren’t going to be disconnected towards the internet. 99% means your web blog will likely be linked with internet only near to daily server maintainance just like daily reboots.

Domains and FTP

Addon Domains/Parked Domains – The amount of additional domain names allowed to be hosted under the current plan.

Sub Domains – The quantity of new domains your able to create out of your current website address in the current plan.

FTP Accounts – FTP represents file transfer protocol. A FTP account enables you to create directories using your website for some to reach files. Transfering files aimed at your site is finished by the FTP program.

Anonymous FTP – Allows others to transfer or views files with no required login.

Supported features

MySQL Databases – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs like forums.

CGI – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs for example forums.

PHP4 & 5 – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs for example forums.

Ruby on Rails – A source web framework optimized for writting codes or coding

SSH – Allows the integration of developing and debugging files with text editors for example vim or nano.

Perl – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs like forums.

Chilisoft ASP – Creates dynamic over the internet applications by combining scripts, html, customer server components and robust database publishing.

Python – (Read more ...)

How to choose best reseller hosting

April 13th, 2013

Today the internets market seems filled with reseller hosting companies that are offering attractive and economical packages for site owners. In these conditions it becomes hard to choose the best hosting company.

Types of reseller hostings

Web hosting comes in three types:

1- Free Reseller Website hosting Service

In free hosting you won’t have to pay monthly charges however you must be contented with limited bandwidth and web space with no guarantee of caring technical support.

2- Shared hosting Service

In shared enviroment, your web site have got to share web space with quantity of other websites present on same server. Such a hosting is correct form of hosting and small establishments websites. Reseller website hosting also falls in such a category, which allows you to resell the web hosting service.

3- Dedicated Cheap Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting companies are suitable for large business websites with entire server available, dedicated for example website only. It offers a superior large web space, excellent tech support team and greater bandwidth for maintaining large websites with great traffic and graphical elements.

Use SSL for big Shopping Sites

If that you are operating a shopping website in which you should maintain shopping cart application and payments, then you definately must prefer using SSL giving you security and reliability. SSL facility is accessible on hosting sites at monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions.

Customer Review and Personal Research

Before you’re sound decision concerning the selection of webhosting company, you should review the website and packages to ensure your hosting needs.

Also make sure you check (Read more ...)

Basic Introduction to Hosting

April 12th, 2013

A website hosting service is actually a service written by companies to folks and firms that allocates them space on their server and supplies connection to the online world. In that way, the details them to need to share will be accessible for all online users.

In this era of the Internet, it is possible to almost find all the info that you’ll require on this planet Wide Web. These different types of information is seen through websites which might be uploaded on the Internet. Several individual and businesses start to see the Internet to be a really good way to share relevant information online websites around the globe.

In order with this to actualize, these web-developers, or maybe people who make websites, desire a space over the web so their websites will likely be readily available for everyone to discover. This will be the absolute goal of an web hosting service.

There are many kinds of web hosting services that exist today. The simplest some may be small-scale hosting, which usually handles personal webpages. It is the process wherein files which can be to get set up the web page are uploaded thru the File Transfer Protocol. This style of web hosting service is quickly accessible numerous companies offer this free of charge, in fact it is commonly known as free internet hosting service.

Another sort of website hosting service may be the shared hosting service where different websites share precisely the same server, thus may share the resources used by web hosting just like the Random Access Memory.

A different style of web hosting service will be the dedicated hosting service in which the user receives a Web server for himself and in addition controls it just how he really wants to. The server does not (Read more ...)

Shared hosting: Used by Organization

April 11th, 2013

Are you into any type of web business? If yes, then developing a website for creating your successful online presence will be the first and foremost thing that you need to do in this way. Today, internet business has become a very well liked trend. As online businesses do not require a lot investment including the offline businesses, therefore a lot more people are obtaining into several types of online business. In ecommerce business, website holds the most crucial role. Is it doesn’t main media by which, your clients may come to comprehend the skills or products you provide to them. Therefore, while setting up a website for any business purpose including small or big businesses, in order to get every one of the desired success, developing a successful website can become very important available for you.

In order to develop a prosperous website, essentially the most essential thing any particular one needs is to find is really a reliable hosting. Web host is basically the business which supplies space on server to write websites. There are tons of web hosting companies available that provide different kinds of web hostings thus to their clients. The most popular style of web hostings include shared hosting, dedicated web hosting, collocated hosting, free web hosting service etc.

The those who are into smaller businesses, they normally prefer to buy web hosting services shared. The reason behind it really is that shared web hosting is inexpensive. Web hosting services shared is sort of hosting where many websites get space in one server linked with internet. The webhosting shared services are usually referred to as virtual hosting service or derive host. Though such a website hosting doesn’t provide many server resources as compared with (Read more ...)