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Pros and Cons of Online Affiliate Marketing

June 11th, 2009

Thousands of people generate an income using Internet affiliate marketing programs. However, even with all the positives there are some negatives that go along with them.

This article compares some of the pros and cons of internet affiliate marketing programs in general.


1. There are hundreds to choose from. For every niche and every personality there is an internet affiliate marketing program.

This makes it easier when looking for one that relates to your hobbies and interests. In the event you and the program don’t mesh it is also beneficial to know you can choose another one.

2. They are free. You don’t need to pull out your credit card when looking for internet affiliate marketing programs.

Virtually all affiliate programs in every niche are void of any sign up costs. This makes it easy to get started right away. You can look for, sign up and begin promoting an affiliate marketing program today.

3. High income potential. Because you are dealing with the web your income level becomes significantly higher than simply selling offline. Your website can attract thousands of visitors worldwide that can be converted into customers.

It’s not impossible to make 900 a month or more with internet affiliate marketing programs. There are not too many business methods for complete beginners to start with that offer such high incomes.


1. Traffic Generation. Despite the ease of starting up the business, actually making sales is a challenge for many. The number one culprit is a lack of traffic.

Even though numerous methods of driving traffic to your site have been developed, getting visitors hasn’t become any easier. In fact some would say that the influx of people (Read more ...)

Marketing A Business Online…..The Way the Truth and the Light..!

June 11th, 2009

Well have things not come along way from the early days of using the internet,back then there were companies offering their expensive services and we as new business users had no choice but to pay these over priced expert’s fees to learn how to market our business online. But today things are a lot different internet services companies have fallen into line because there are now an abundance of internet services companies available today which are both very effective and affordable. In fact you can now learn to market your own business online and it wont cost you as much as you think.

Of course that suited the very well paid experts out there, because when something is new and people don’t understand it, they are afraid that the computer in the corner of the office will suddenly cause a meltdown if you press the wrong button.

So what did they do? They called in some expert who charged a lot of money to set up even the simplest of internet marketing tools, such as e-mail.

Today things have changed for the better; you can open up your own e-mail account in minutes with the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN and other providers.

Like email most other internet tools have become less complicated and easy to use and this is what has catapulted internet use to the heights of popularity which it enjoys today.

So you have spent a long time pondering about whether you will start marketing your business online and you have finally decided that you want to be a wealthy business person not a struggling business person so now you will embark on a journey that will result in massive personal wealth for you., and who can blame you..?

So let’s find out how we can do this, firstly get your mindset right, and don’t be (Read more ...)

Earn Money For Surveys At Home

June 11th, 2009

To work from home is a decision many people have taken these days. For some this is a choice and for others a necessity.

The cost of childcare is very high, gas prices are on the way up again, and some parents just want to be home with their children a lot more. Whatever the reason may be, working from home has become very popular and continues to increase in popularity.

Working from home is of course not for everyone. It is necessary to be a good organiser who can stick with a work schedule without supervision. When you begin working from home,you will not want to go back to a regular job. You have the flexibility to choose your hours of work and can break up your day to attend to any important matters.

A lot of people have found that taking online surveys at home is an excellent way to make money. Large companies need your opinion on their goods and services, and will pay you to fill out their surveys. Marketing companies are also using this way to to extend their markets.

When you register with a paid survey site, they will send you surveys to fill out in your email. You can pick which surveys you want to take part in. The company will pay you for every survey you fill out.

Most of these surveys will take you no more than 5 to 20 minutes to fill out, and most will offer a payment of $5 to $75 for each survey which you complete. There are also focus groups which pay more,even up to $250.

Naturally your earnings will depend on the number of completed surveys you do. By filling out a lot of surveys you can earn substantial cash amounts daily. The most practical way to do this is to register with a paid survey membership site.

You pay a fee to get started and they send you lists of surveys which have been screened to (Read more ...)

How to Avoid SEO Scams

June 11th, 2009

The feeling of being scammed is the worst. And believe me, it has happened more than once in my life. Any scam is bad but the absolute worst kind is one in which you have invested yourself. When it comes to online business that usually means some kind of SEO or Internet marketing situation.

SEO itself is not a scam I am happy to assure you. I have been an SEO consultant since 1999 and can readily testify to the possibilities of getting to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are a lot of very talented SEO professionals out there as well as plenty of Web business owners who have mastered the art. Unfortunately there are still more who must rely on others to optimize for them. Or worse, purchase expensive software and gimmicks to help them do it themselves and trust to the integrity of the developer.

While I believe that most people are honest I have to shake my head and wonder about some of the software and informational packets I see being sold. Some are worth every dime and more but there are a few that leave me wondering what the author or developer was thinking.

All that being said; here are three steps to avoid being scammed on SEO or Internet Marketing products and services.

Step One: Try not to purchase anything that guarantees top search engine placement. No person or product can do this except for the search engine itself. Just remember that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Step Two: Return any SEO products you have recently purchased if they are not doing the job for you. Do not feel foolish for ordering it or bad for returning it. You trusted that the product would work as advertised. If it does not, return it. Unfortunately this is often easier said than done but if you purchased through a third party (Read more ...)

Who Controls Your Fish?

June 11th, 2009

If you?ve been paying attention to the news of late you have to be aware of the seemingly endless stories of the economic calamity that continues to spread across almost all demographics. I read a story in a national daily newspaper about a food center in Washington State that provided staples to the needy. The center-point of the article quoted the director of the center as stating that he was seeing something that he had never seen before.

What he was seeing was people who the year before had been donors to the relief effort, were now in line for the charity offered by the food center. Folks it was in 2006 when that article was published.

Sometime before that I can remember reading about a group of software development professionals that was employed by a small business in Silicon Valley. The owners of the business had informed the team of developers that he was replacing them with Asians who had those special work visas that were actually created for this kind of quasi off-shoring of ?brain-work.?

The team being replaced was told that they had two options. They could walk out at that moment with a severance package or they could remain on staff to help with the transition by ?training? their opportunistic replacements. This latter option would also get them a larger severance. Most of them chose the second option and the following week found themselves sitting side by side with the individuals who were replacing them, teaching them key points about the new positions they had.

Their careers, the original team that is, were put on hold. All of a sudden with almost no warning of any kind, they found themselves unemployed. As one who has also faced this situation, I can identify with the thoughts they must have had. These (Read more ...)