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The CEOs Change Management Model

September 25th, 2009

Today a CEO of a high-tech corporation recounted his experience with developing a change management model. Over the past three years the company has nearly doubled in size. Alex (the CEO) decided to organize the business in two groups, headed by two new senior vice presidents. Structurally this made sense.
Rather than internal promotion, however, he hired two vp’s from outside who he thoguht would change the dyanmic or culture within the organization. He desired more management expertise and discipline, he said. But the problem is that the people who used to report to Alex are upset. They do not feel the respect they should have earned for the work they are doing. They now miss the open culture and direct access of the old structure, and do not like the new direction.
“What can I do?” Alex asked me.
First, I said, think about managing the change model. This is your role. How are you communicating the importance of the new structure and what value it will bring for the company? Is there any checking to make sure everyone is on the same page?
“I know I’m not doing enough,” he said.
I also brought up his leadership style. “In the old structure, you were comfortable directing and telling people what to do. But that will not work in this new structure.”
He listened as I went on. “You’re the one who has to change. Otherwise, you’ll undercut your new senior vice presidents. You’ve got to be their coach. As a coach, you can’t tell them what to do. You have to ask them good questions, and get them to assume responsibility for making the change work successfully.”
He thought about it for a while, asked a few questions, and then said: “It makes a lot of sense. How could you help us?”
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Easy Ways to Get Free Reverse Cell Phone Search – Free Online

September 25th, 2009

It is easy to get the identity of a cell phone number and this can come in handy for you. If you have ever been in a situation where your phone rings and you do not want to answer it because the number does not look familiar then you do not have to worry because you can find out who the caller is. There is nothing worse than answering a call and there is a salesperson trying to sell you something that you do not want on the other end of the line.

Cell Phone Search

You do not have to be concerned about missing phone calls when you can do a reverse cell phone search online to get the identity of who’s calling you. There is a few things you need to know before doing a search like this. First make sure that you stick with a free service because there is no reason to pay a lot of money to a company for something that is available to you for free.

Free Reverse Phone Search

If you are concerned that the bill collectors are trying to harass you now you do not have to worry because you can check to see if the number on the phone is from a company that you do not want to talk to . You can now get there information and tell them to leave you alone once and for all.

Remember that you can now do a reverse cell phone search to get the identity of anyone who is calling you.

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Internet Directories And Their Importance

June 11th, 2009

Internet Directories are nothing but another term for a website. From the point of view of an SEO, directories find their prominence in link building to improve your page ranks. Displaying external links on your own website also plays a major role in contributing to the link popularity of your site.

What matters most at the end of the day is the Page ranking that has been attributed to your site. I always keep in mind, while embarking on a link building spree, that the mere number of links alone does not pave the way for a top slot with major search engines. It is the relevance of your link partner to the site that decides the mileage you had gained from the exchange. What does this mean?

There are directories whose business is putting other’s links on their pages for a price. They are known as link farms. Search engines are smarter. Such links are considered as spam and the destination directory has all the chances of being classified as a spammer. OK, so you decide to avoid link farms and get partners from other directories that are also on the look out for exchange partners to increase their own popularity. Unfortunately, that too may not click very well with the search engines. Why do you have to display your link on a site that has content which is totally diverse from your own? And vice versa, why have you displayed a link on your pages when the site has no relevance to your content, unless you are getting paid for the service?

Therefore, if you mean serious business, your links should be appearing only on those directories that have similar objectives as you. I was always enthralled at the rankings I had achieved by manual submission. Spend some time looking at the contents of a prospective link partner to find out whether it has (Read more ...)

Have Fun in Detroit/ Find Summer 2009 events in the Detroit area~

June 11th, 2009

Are you having trouble finding things to do in the Motor City? Check out all the events and things to do in the Detroit area below. For more information go to

June 2009 Events

* Midsummer Nights in Midtown – every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the month of June; A different Midtown venue each evening of the series, presenting performances for everyone to enjoy, including family activities at the Detroit Science Center, an aerial dance performance with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, avant-garde jazz and international music, award-winning poets and authors and more.

* Detroit’s Big Bar Night – June 4, 2009; Noon – 8 pm; Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit and Generation Goodwill are teaming up with a handful of Detroit bars for a fundraising event to fight local unemployment. WHERE: Bookies Bar & Grill – 2208 Cass Avenue (313.962.0319); Detroit Pub – 1326 Brush Street (313.963.3500); Jacoby’s – 624 Brush Street (313.962.7067); Patrons can participate by donating $5 for a Generation Goodwill wristband, and each bar will provide exclusive food and drink offers for wristband purchasers. All money raised will support Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit’s mission to provide job training, education and career assistance to unemployed individuals in the region.
* Detroit Black Expo III – June 5 – 7, 2009; Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center; “A Weekend of Economic, Networking and Entrepreneurship Empowerment
* 4th Annual Chaldean Festival – June 5 – 7, 2009; Southfield Civic Center Pavillion; celebration of contemporary Chaldean culture for anyone who wishes to be a part of the festivities and embrace Chaldean culture, music and food. The three-day festival will feature (Read more ...)

Facts About The Transformers 2 Character Breakaway

June 11th, 2009

Among the many other movies coming out this year, there is something great to look forward to for the adventure films buffs. Transformers 2 is one of the movies that is packed with action and adventure, and would definitely grab your attention if it has already not done so with the trailers, promos, and posters.

Transformers 2 is a mega project with a $200 million budget that includes lots of action and special effect characters that are close to reality. There are numerous characters in the sequel and all of them would seem surprisingly real to you as special attention has been taken to that aspect.

Many of the characters from the first Transformers movie are reappearing in the film, and there are also some who have been introduced newly to the sequel. Most of the characters for the ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ have been announced, but there are still some about which there is plenty of speculation and rumour.

Breakaway is a character that is an F-35 jet, and has attributes that make it special in its own way. Breakaway is the character in Transformers 2 that acquired a lot of publicity and made the fans of Transformers quite excited. Breakaway’s motto is that “life has its own purpose, its preservation in mine”. Breakaway is an Autobot with an alternative jet mode. Breakaway is the Lightning II variant of the F-35 jet.

In Transformers 2, Breakaway is a jet that has unmatchable speed, and possesses the capability of going in a straight line. The high and unmatchable performance of Breakaway is what makes it so popular among people, especially fans of Transformers movies, and also of toys and video games. Breakaway falls under the subcategory of Deluxe Vehicles.

Breakaway is also expected to appear in the 2009 (Read more ...)