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Dreamhost Promo Code: HOSTINGPLAN

August 11th, 2007

With this dreamhost coupon (optional promo code) you’ll get an amazing discount (up to $97) on all dreamhost plans: Crazy Domain Insane, Sweet Dreams, Code Monster & Strictly Business. It doesn’t matter if you’ll pay month-to-month or choose one-year or two-year pre-payements.


Copy and paste:

You are guaranteed the maximum possible discount on all hosting plans.

Example: Dreamhost “Crazy Domain Insane” Hosting Plan

  • Disk Storage: 4800 MB 20 GB (Automatically Increases Weekly By: 40 MB 160 MB)
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 120 GB 1 TB (Automatically Increases Weekly By: 1 GB 8 GB )
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases – 600 E-Mail Accounts (POP / IMAP)
  • 75 Shell / FTP Accounts
  • One free domain
  • Unlimited Domains and Subdomains Hosted
  • RealAudio and Video (http stream)
  • No more CPU minute restrictions
  • Much More


With promo code HOSTINGPLAN only $29.40/year (= $2.45/month!)

Dreamhost-Promo-Code: HOSTINGPLAN

“Crazy Domain Insane” is only one of the many (Read more ...)